After you have had a baby you will most likely be so tired from taking care of your new offspring that you don't feel like doing anything at all, especially exercise. This means that it is highly unlikely that you will take time to go to your gym or to go for a run or even go outside. Plus, having a new baby means you need to be there for your child at all times. Not only will you lack the motivation for working out, you'll have to work hard to find the time for it as well. Here are some things that are easy to do in your own home, when you have a few free minutes, that will help you drop the weight you gained while you were pregnant in no time at all. Isn't that great newsDon't worry if you are less than thrilled with the weight that you have gained during your pregnancy. As long as you know what to do, losing the weight should happen quickly. You might be worried that you won't have the time to work out because your baby is still at the stage where it needs you to stay close most of the time. Of course, your baby will be sleeping a lot too. If you get into the habit of getting your workouts in whenever your baby is napping, you'll soon see drastic results. Here are a few things that you can do during naptime that will help you feel better and look better.The first thing you were probably told by your doctor when you first got pregnant was "you need to gain weight."

Weight gain happens naturally during pregnancy. Eating for two makes it pretty easy to gain weight. Now that you have had your baby, though, you're probably anxious to lose the weight that you have gained. You want to get your figure back to its pre-pregnant state. You'll be glad to know that we've compiled three things that you can do to get your weight back to it's previous state after you have had your baby. Try any or all of them and you will be bound to get back into your old clothes very quickly!Most women who have given birth find that they still have fat that needs to be shed if they want to fit into their old clothes. But after giving birth, you definitely don't feel like running any marathons and you've gotten so used to eating everything in sight that going back to a low calorie diet seems like torture. You'll be happy to learn that the three hints we outline in this article for this are simple enough that any woman can do them if they need help losing baby weight. So if you just had a baby, and you desperately want to lose the weight, then follow the three tips below and you'll be back to your pre-baby weight in no time.If you just had a baby and you want nothing more than to return to your pre-baby weight, you should have a few post-pregnancy workouts in your arsenal that you can perform daily or every other day so that you can lose that weight as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many exercises out there that are not only effective in helping you lose the weight, but they're also fun and exciting. With the following tips you'll be able to supercharge that workout in order to get you back down to pre-pregnancy weight before you know it.

Leg Kicks: This is a fantastic workout both for strengthening your abs and raising your heart rate. This exercise starts with you lying on your side with your waist slightly bent into a pike position. With one leg bent to hold your balance, straighten your top leg and bring it forward as far as you can bring it. Keeping your leg up, bring it back so that it hovers over your bottom (bent) leg. Don't lower your leg but repeat the movement ten times. Then, roll over and repeat. Just three reps on each side each day and you'll get the results you want very quickly.The Reverse Curl: Women who have just had babies need to work to strengthen their ab muscles and reverse curls are a great way to do this. In this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor (keeping your knees bent) and face the ceiling. Your feet need to be positioned just above your hips and and, keeping your arms on the floor, straight down from your shoulders and next to your torso, lift your hips off of the floor while drawing in your abs and breathing in and out. Lower your hips to the floor and then repeat the exercise. Try to do twenty repetitions. If you aren't able to do twenty in the beginning try increasing the amount you can do each day until you get to twenty. Then work toward fifty reps.

This particular exercise is great for your abs and for losing the muffin top but it also improves your posture and helps you with your confidence levels.Drawing In: This is a fantastic exercise for new moms because in addition to helping you shed pounds, it will make your back, your abs and your core stronger and, in addition to improving your posture, it helps your metabolism as well. In this exercise you will start out on all fours with your hands right under your shoulders. Pull your abs in and make sure that your neck and spine stay in a single line. Breathe in through your nostrils while you keep your back straight and then, while pulling your navel up into your spine (while keeping the spine still) breathe back out. Do this twelve times to complete one set and do three sets in a single workout to really work your abs and core.Yoga: Yoga is an exercises that strengthens your body and helps you get back in shape from toning and stretching. The best thing about doing yoga is that it is non-impact and slow so you can get in a whole workout done while the baby takes a nap. There are lots of videos online that you can use for tutorials--there are also smartphone apps that you can use for inspiration when you need new moves to do. After you have done yoga for a few weeks, you will see that you feel better and stronger and that your clothes are fitting better as well.Latin style dancing has two specific benefits to losing weight. You will not only lose weight but burn calories too as you swing your hips, tap your feet and roll your shoulders you'll also feel sexier right when you need it. Online videos and workout dvd's are a great way to learn a few dance moves even if you aren't perfect at them. Dancing is a great way to get a workout without feeling like you are working out. You are more likely to keep doing it because it's fun. Arm Flutters: this is a perfect exercise to do post-pregnancy because you can do it right next to your child's crib. Simply lie down flat on your back while your legs are straight in the air. Slightly lift your chest and abs off the ground while also lifting your arms (make sure to keep them straight). Lower yourself to the floor and repeat 20-50 times. This is great for burning lots of calories and making your core strong. As long as you do this exercise at least three times a week, you'll see the baby weight drop off in no time.

The Super Crunch: This exercise should be included as part of every post-birth workout. For this specific exercise, lie down on the floor, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head, breathe in and out and, while holding your abs in, lift your shoulders and head off of the floor. Stay in that position as you lift your knees up to touch your elbows while you also lift your hips up off of the ground a little bit. Return to your starting position. Best Appetite Suppressant Do three sets of twelve to twenty to get your abs into the best shape you've ever seen while losing weight really quickly.

Bridge Squeeze: In this exercise, you need to lie on your back with bent knees and your feet flat on the floor. Draw in your ab muscles while holding a pillow between your knees. Take a deep breath in and then let it out while you tighten the muscles in your bottom and lift your hips to make a straight line with your body. Squeeze the pillow for two counts and then lower your hips back down. Do three sets of ten repetitions of this exercise.

That's lots of calories with very little movement from you. There are videos, DVDs and books that you can use to learn the different moves that you can do while your baby takes a nap. One of the best post-natal exercises for women looking to lose weight is to lay on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands behind your head and breathe in. Then, breathe back out as you contract your abs and lift your head as well as your shoulders off of the floor. Then, straighten out your legs and lift them into a forty five degree angle from your body while you stretch out your arms and keep your palms down. Inhale for five beats and, while you do, pump your arms in a rhythmic manner. Then breathe out for a count of five beats. Doing 100 of these a day will help you get into shape really fast!Forearm plank breathing is another exercise you can use to lose pregnancy weight. Now, slowly lower yourself until your forearms are flat on the surface below. Then, straighten your legs so that your body makes a straight line. As you squeeze your abs, take a deep breath and slowly let it out. The next stage of this exercise is a pushup type movement. Three repetitions of this exercise is all you need to shed those pounds. These exercises strengthen your core and help correct poor posture and you'll look better too.

Air Bike: This fantastic exercise begins with you lying on the ground and raising one knee to meet the elbow on the opposite side (left knee to right elbow) and then repeating the action with the other limbs as well (right knee to left elbow). Repeat. This is a great calorie burner and ab strengthener which is very important to women who have just given birth.The Bicycle: No, this doesn't involve riding a bicycle. This is an ab exercise that works really well for women who want to lose weight after giving birth. Begin with lying down so that your calves are parallel to the floor and your knees are bent. Put your hands behind your head and breathe in and then out while also drawing in your abs. Keeping your butt relaxed, bring your left knee up to your right shoulder while you extend your right leg. Your head and shoulders should come off the ground for this movement. Then return to your starting position and then repeat the same on the other side. Do three sets of twelve to twenty and you'll soon see that baby fat melting away.Walking: Harvard did a study in 2007 that showed just thirty minutes of walking every day can greatly improve a woman's chances of shedding her pregnancy weight. Women in this study lost an average of eleven pounds and most of them had lost all of the weight they wanted to lose by their kids's first birthdays. That means that you need to get up and go outside! The time of day that you choose to walk is not remotely important but if you want to take your baby with you (in the stroller or in a carrier) you need to be sure to walk when the weather will be hospitable for your baby.

Take lots of fluids with you when you go. Do this every single day and you will drop your weight really quickly.Lunges: lunges are great calorie burners because they work all of your leg muscles. Not only will lunges help you lose weight, they will build your leg muscles which means that you'll even be burning your calories while you rest. To start your lunge stand with your feet hip-width apart while putting your hands on your hips and drawing in your abs. Move your left foot forward until your leg bands at a 90 degree angle. With your right leg still straight, lower your body until that knee almost touches the floor. Stand up slowly and then switch legs and repeat the action. If you do this five times on both legs, you'll have done a great workout.The classic crunch is an exercise most people already know how to do that helps greatly. To do a crunch you simply lie on the ground with hand behind your head and knees bent. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor inhale through your nose and exhale as you tighten your abs. Relax your buttocks and bring ribs in towards the hips. Now slowly recover to your initial position. At some point you'll want to do many more than you start with slowly working toward 50. Once you've reached your goal of 50 try adding weight to increase weight. If you do these exercises regularly, they'll give you amazing results in just a few weeks. You can do this while your new baby takes a nap and you can spread them out throughout the day instead of trying to do all of them in one block of time. Of course, the fastest way to lose the weight is to do them all in a block for 20-30 minutes three times a week. Do these exercises as often as you can manage and keep doing them; you'll fit into your pre-pregnancy pants before you know it.

These exercises can easily be done while your baby is napping. Even if you have to break up your larger workout into several smaller ones throughout your day (instead of doing it all at once) that is still a lot better than not doing any working out at all. It isn't hard to lose baby weight if that is what you want to do. Luckily you can use each of these three tips to help you reach that goal.

11 Day Diet If your weight makes you unhappy after you have your baby, you'll need to do something about that. Thankfully the things in this article are easy enough that you can do them at any time and in any place. It is vital that you warm up before working out and cool down afterwards. There are lots of other things you can do to lose weight but these tips will help you get a proper start.

We're done! These are a few of the best ways to lose weight so that you can get back to your pre-baby size. Use these tips and you will see just how quickly you can get back to your old size.Watching your diet closely and keeping up with these routines for three or more days per week will help you see the weight fall off quicker than you ever thought possible. In no time at all you will see the rewards of your hard work as the weight comes off.